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Agro-Input Retailers Network (AIRN), borne out of the USAID/Agro-Inputs Project, aims to upgrade the business knowledge, skills, technical know-how, and ethics of agro-input retailers in order to provide quality agro-inputs and advisory support to farmers.

AIRN, a GoB-registered not-for-profit (under Companies Act 1994), aims to provide one-of-a kind training support and service provision to 3,000 retailers through better knowledge primarily on seeds, fertilizers and pesticides, and executes these activities through partnerships with public, private, and development entities.

To the best of our knowledge, AIRN is the ONLY platform for agro-input retailers.



AIRN wants to nurture its identity as a network that works as a private service provider to ensure better advisory support for retailers and farmers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How can we increase our membership?

The recruitment of members will be proposed by the Upazilla committee and approved by the Board of Directors on a half-yearly basis. A standing committee of 4-5 Board of Directors has been formed who will sit twice a year to review all the applications. Based on their suggestions, the Board will approve new members joining AIRN. So, it is the responsibility of the upazilla chapters to look for 3-7 retailers a year, and if they are interested, nominate them in writing. Once they get approval from the board, they become AIRN associate members.



I pay regular dues to AIRN. Where does my money go?

With the approval of the existing Board of Directors, AIRN is charging BDT 200 as a one-off admission fee, and BDT 50 per month as membership dues. Admission fee goes to AIRN Central Bank account, and Membership dues remain in the Upazilla Chapter. This money may not be withdrawn before October 2017. But it is needed to build up this money for a time when USAID funding will not be there, most likely in September 2017. So, money saved till September 2017 will work as the seed funding for running AIRN.



Who is the training for?

AIRN can train both retailers and farmers. AIRN has 3,000 retailers in its network, segregated into Category A, B and C. AIRN can also target farmers. Every retailer in its network has a customer-base of 200 farmers on an average. AIRN has detailed information on those farmers – including contact information and their purchase record (more or less). If needed, AIRN through its retailers can select farmers with certain characteristics/ needs/ interests who will benefit from a particular training program. Due to personal relationship with the farmers, AIRN and its upazilla committee will also be able to select progressive and comparatively educated farmers, and to some extent, track the result of the training.



Being a member of AIRN you can be benefitted for both long and short term.

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Working Area: This map shows working area of AIP, 19 southern districts, identified as Feed the Future zone by USAID.

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Our Team

Our team is made up of experts whose main job is to sustain the AIRN.

Board of Director

Md. Mostafa Kamal


Md. Kamal Uddin Ahammed

Vice Chairman

Birendra Nath Sheel


Gazi Abdul Kalam Azad



The following people are nominated by the project and approved by board of directors to run AIRN

Khondker Zunaed Rabbani


Muhammed Kamruzzaman

Company Secretary

Md. Moksed Ali

AIRN Coordinator

Abu Saleh Mohammad Saifullah

Deputy AIRN Coordinator

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